Monday, May 2, 2011

Osama Bin Laden is a martyr now

Today the news was all about Osama Bina Laden.

So there´s not much to tell about that, you can read what is released to the press everywhere.

It´s strange that the speech of Obama mentioned that Osama was killed after the gunfight.
Well, it´s clear they didn´t want to take any risk of people wanting to fight to free Osama.

Questions are posed all over the world, including the one that Bin Laden never was brought to court after 9/11. Didn´t they have enough evidence?

Well, they've killed a man who was seriously ill. Assuming the news of some years ago that he died was not true. Bin Laden was not the leader of the much feared organisation anymore. So all they did was create a martyr for those who though Bin Laden served a good cause.

I think violence is never the answer to problems, not one way, not the other way.


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