Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Online magazines going too far

I think some online magazines have lost their own sense of being.
A few moments ago I went to the site of one of the main women magazines and found in the centre of the page the same newsitems as on the site of the national newsservice.

They didn't even bother to mention the subjects of the new edition or even of the present edition: no it was the news, even now Osama Bin Laden is old news again.

I'm not sure if they want to deliver an extra service or assume the IQ of the readers has lowered.

In the past I've learned a lot from the magazine. They had very good subjects on crochet, cooking and dealing with every day issues.
Now it seems they're struggling to find people to write artticles, or to find subjects that are interesting for the modern woman.

I think that diverging from their origin towards being more of a news provider isn't the right decision.
We can find our news all over the place: on TV, the radio, on paper and plenty on internet.

But women subjects from a trusted place? That's a difficult problem for many young woman nowadays.


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