Friday, May 20, 2011

Not a silent one

A very large school in a town nearby was not dealing well with their money.
It was so bad that someone informed the police about fraud.

Ever since that person has a hard time there.
The school had been accusing him of all sorts of things and has brought him to court one time after another.
Their punishment for exposing their malfunctioning.
The guy stepped up and got a benefit people get when they leave work for a positive reason.
The school didn't want to pay their part in the benefit. And went to court.

Finally the minister was informed and she stepped in.

No result.

The school who has comitted fraud goes on pestering the guy who exposed it.

So sick!!

But that's what happens in our country.

My daughter exposed that her classteachers didn't handle the bullying.
See where we are now.
Both daughters need to be assessed by a psychologist.
This would never have been the case when people just admitted their mistakes and were honest about the truth of their behaviour. I'm talking about grown ups here, at important positions in society. Ugh!


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