Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Mowers on the farm

Yesterday we had a talk about my youth and the children were very interested in my stories about the farm near my home.

I loved to go there to help out and a question about milk triggered a lot of memories.

They had a couple of cows and each day the car of the milk factory came to fetch the milk.
Except for a few cans the farmer kept apart to use himself.
The rich milk was boiled and the cream was taken off and used on the coffee and hot chocolate.
Nothing resembles the taste of it.

The farm is still there, but the fields have gone.
I don't think they have cows or horses left, and apart from a few chickens it's rather quiet there.

Maybe they sell machines to farmers and gardeners there.

The other day I saw a few toro mowers shining in the sun.

I'm sure the old farmer would have loved to use them on his fields.

It was a time that horses were still thought to be best, and machines were only used on megafarms.

Now toro mowers are in reach for everyone.

Maybe I should go back next week and see if there's someone to talk to.


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