Monday, May 16, 2011

More bricks

Our whole town is changing rapidly.
Not only at the outer borders lots of houses are built, they're also built in such a way that the new neighbourhoods almost touch the next town.

Plan is to merge them two together.
Not ny name, ...yet...., but all infrastructure will be.

Also near our house a lot of nature has been used to build.
When we leave our neighbourhood we have a main road and beyonf that a stretch of nature with water and green, and beyond that office buildings. Recently a large steel hall has been put in the nature area. It's all white, so it catches the eye.

It makes me feel that my town is taken away from me.

It sounds strange, and ofcourse It's not my real feeling.
Just the best description of it.

Luckily I don't depend as much on my surroundings as when I was young and used to walk a lot around there, photographing and watching the animals.

But more bricks is never a good choice.


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