Friday, May 27, 2011

Less paperwork?

Isn't it interesting? There's an organisation that checks if people have to deal with too much paperwork. Wow!

They have found out that people who need assistance and support for special needs have to deal with too much paperwork.

Well I could have told you that, and I'm sure I did.
The forms are multiple and endless.

Every two years we have to provide new forms about dyslexia and autism, we need to have the kids retested and it costs fortunes. And why? There's no cure for those and many other conditions and handicaps. Kids need the same assistance at school.

Even people who are handicapped forever, like people who can't walk because of amputation, have to deliver proof, over and over again.
And when they have support they have to keep all receits, bills and whatever to have them checked, so they won't put money into their own pockets.

In the past I used to have special hours each week which I used for filling in forms and dealing with the correspondence.
At times I needed two whole days each week to deal with it and I was always glad when the kids came from school and I could spend my attention and energy elsewhere.

So now suddenly all the distrust has disappeared and things need to change.
The government needs to trust us again.

Well due to that tremendous amount of paperwork I've missed out of life quite a lot.
I bet I won't get that back!


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