Tuesday, May 17, 2011

I used to play there

The car has been fixed and we all are happy about that.
Oh, so fast and smoothly we got used to the thing. Ugh!

But it sure is handy.
We needed something from a certain shop and we were able to go there without any problem or unneceesary loss of time.

Because we talked yesterday about the changes the town is undergoing rapidly, we drove to the neighbourhood I grew up.

The amall houses of the elderly were demolished and the ground was used for large, multistory buildings with rounded edges to make them look friendly.
To me it was just a pile of bricks where the roses grew and the enormous hydrangeas from a woman who should have had another name: Mrs. Rose.
She was rather small. Petite, as they call it now. And her hydrangeas were as large that she could between in them.

The church has been demolished too. I knew that. I've seen it.
It was a beautiful church.
Now a smaller one has been put on not even a quarter of the ground, a modern one.

Strangely my old house looks more familiar than the last time we went there.
Then it looked messy. The garden was uncared for, and a strip of glaze plastic tool the place of curtains.
Now it looked a bit more like my former home, with curtains, a nice garden and even with a small kids bicyle in front of the door.
How nice to know children laugh there again.

The streets between the main roads of the neighbourhood all looked the same.
Even the trees. So they must have been taken away the old ones and planted smaller ones.

We went to a shop and I had to wait in the car for a few minutes.
I had the door open and suddenly realised how silent it was there. Only birds, but no cars, nor trains.
A new car parked and the smashing of the doors didn't even sound as loud as where we live.

I knew the architecs had tried to build the neighbourhood in such a way the the quietness would be served as much as possible.
They succeeded.
I've never realised that better than today.


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