Wednesday, May 11, 2011

I know now: I'm an artist!

One of the main difficulties with artlessons was painting skies.
I remember one of the teachers, who is now a famous artist in this part of the country, yelling at me that every stupid person could paint a sky.

The small smile I send to him made him even more angry than he was before.
I was send to the principal, who had been standing outside the classroom (with open door) and she waved her finger and I followed it: straight back into the classroom.
He was called out and all pupils could hear her whisper (thanks to the resonating stone walls and lack of curtains for the windows) that he was not spuuosed to yell at pupils but to teach them, howver stupid he thought hèr intelligent children were.

We didn't like each other, that teacher and I.
So he told me to draw a thousand flowers, and so I did. With ink. And with utmost precision. The piece de resistance is still somewhere at the attick, hidden between the booklets of schoolcamp I suppose.

So I never thought of myself as a painter, even though I managed to create a lovely sky when painting a scene at the wall of the girl's room. I glued teletubbies over the part that was not good enough for my eyes. LOL!
As you might understand that's about ten years ago.

Since then I've never spend time thinking I might have become a painter.
Life is interesting enough, and music and writing have enabled me to keep busy and earn a bit now and then. So you won't hear me complain.

Today however some thoughts I never expected popped up in my brain.
Me oh my, was I surprised!

The municipality will be selling artworks the next weeks and I had a look at what they want to sell to make money in this sad time of recession.
With a humble attitude I went to the site, expecting my self esteem to reach terrible depths at the sight of artwork that was important enough to be bought with our hard earned tax money.

It's a pity that only in movies angels sing when spirits are lifted otherwise the whole neighbourhood would have had a sensational experience of heavenly bliss.
Instead I looked in deep silence to the expressions of courage and lack of self reflection of people who for some reason are called artists.
Let's say schoolkids produce better work.

Why on earth haven't I thought of presenting my doodles to the municipality when they still bought art?
I could have been rich!

I feel happy though, because discovery is life changing.

I know now: I'm an artist!


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