Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Hyves and remembrance day

The Dutch version of Facebook: Hyves takes away the responsibility of people.

I'm not a member of Hyves, but a well trusted source who is told me that Hyves will prohibit all activities at their site at the time of the remembrance service, this evening at the local time of 8 o'clock.

So people don't have any choice but to stick to respecting the national silence for remembrance day.

I'm one of the people who have taken this silence and the remembrance service seriously. I've taught my children to do the same, and even when they're not at home they keep silence at that time. Most of them are home at remembrance day anyway.

But I've never forced them.
I told them why this day is important, that we also remember friends of my father who died in the war, and that we remember those who were killed during the heavy bombing of my city and the occupation of my country.
That was enough to make them realise they want to tell everything to their children, if they ever have any.

I've never enfourced this tradition. Never.
People who visited us were told about our tradition and that was it.
They just kept silent too.

But now Hyves is going to enforce it on internet.

To me it makes clear how controling our society has become.
People want to enforce their own vieus on others, and even though they say it's due to respect, it's not really a sign of respect.

My father and friends would never value a silence that is enforced.

It's the freedom of commemorating them that they fought for.


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