Thursday, May 12, 2011

The hottest summer?

One of the boys came in and wanted my attention.

"Mom, this year we will get the hottest summer up till now."

As we have had a few warm springs, and this spring blew all the records I was apt to believe him.
But as a habit I take the weatherforecasts with a lot of caution. Especially those who forecasts over a longer period of...let's say...about 5 days.

Our climate has changed though, and we all experience that.
We went from mild winters and moderate summers, with lots of rain in autumn, to a complete different picture.

Cold winters we had the past years, with snow. Warm springs with record high temperatures, even into the tropical realm, then lots and lots of rain, a greyish summer, nice autumnweather and a sudden, too early onset of winter.

Kids are not learning at school anymore we're having a sea climate.
Teachers tell them anything about the name of our climate.


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