Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Helping in a large family

It's so nice to have a large family.

One of the girls had problems with her bicycle.
Her father tried to fix it, but it didn't work.
So the bicycle had to be brought to the repair.

First she tried to do it herself with the help of her sister.
But they couldn't bring it all the way, because they had to lift the back part and it was too heavy to reach the repairman.

Today their oldest brother called to ask something. The problem was told and he said he would hop in and fetch the bicycle.

He didn't even enter the house when he came.
He just called my daughter, gave me a quick hello and went with her and the bicycle on their way.
He's long and lifting the back of the biccyle was no problem for him.

I watched them leaving.
He, walking with the bycicle like he was lifting a bag, she walking beside him, telling him something that made him laugh.

When they were out of sight I could still hear them.

So nice!


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