Thursday, May 19, 2011

He and the dentist

One of our sons was very afraid of the dentist.

It was caused by two women dentists who scared the hell even out of me.
They were able to make me more afriad than the dentist we had when I was a child, who never smiled, had a harsh voice and sticked the pin of thet mouth device everywhere and caused bleeding and pain.

These women were slaughterhouse evils.
They messed up my jaw in a bad way. A very bad way.

Our family dentist now is a nice one.
He can be. The cars he drives!!! Oh my dear! They're the best our roads carry. I can tell you that.

He earns it by being nice and patient, by hiring lovely assistants who can talk about anything to divert your attention and by doing a good job.

So today one of my sons had to go.
He's been afraid of the dentist ever since those slaughterhouse dentists ebntered our lives and he dealt with the wordt echos of their existence.

Today he went alone, had his mouth fixed and didn't even bother to let me know how it went.
So I was waiting for him, as he said he would come, and smiled more and more each minute passed.

This is how it should be.

Go to the dentist, have things fixed and forget.


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