Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A garden fire good for asthma patients

The past years I've had more than enough of the woodfires between the houses.
I've got asthma and the fun of other people made me close doors and windows and sit in a far too warm house, waiting until the fores were over and the neighbours to bed, so I could open the windows and maybe have a few moments of enjoying my garden.

Developments of furniture allowing woodfires to be a bit safer made the sparks go away, but even intensified the smoke.
I've learned that many people don't care about the health of others. Their pleasure goes first.

Today I saw an outdoor fire pit that doesn't pose the problems the woodfires cause.
It's a wonderful table, with a circle with fire inside. The fire burns on propane that can be regulated.
The table contains an OriflammeTM Designed Fire Burner which is guaranteed for a year. We know the quality.

The table is not cheap at all, but that might make it even more attractive to people who want to show of their gardenfurniture.

To me, it's furniture that keeps me healthy and it enables asthma patients for the first time to enjoy their garden as much as other people.


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