Friday, May 20, 2011

The future is now

A few days ago I witnessed the launch of the Endeavour.
Because our internetconnection was adjusted we could receive it in HD and I even enjoyed the event more than ever before. The knowledge that it's Endeavour's last trip to space added to the excitement.

Since the space program was started and thanks to that very same program a lot of new developments have reached our homes.

In fact the whole home automation software is derived from it.
Take for instance the home security devices.
Isn't it amazing that you can control your house even when you're far away? Sensors are able to detect fire, burglaries ad even carbom monoxide, waterflow and flooding and they can alert you or support services.

When I saw the first House of the Future I was impressed by the remote control for TV and curtains, and that a terminal of a computer in the kitchen could be used to order groceries.
It was in the seventies, I think, and I never thought it would happen.
But it all happened and we moved far more in the future than I ever could imagine then.

I would love to be able to monitor the waterflow in my house, because someone in the neighbourhood had huge flooding due to problems with the washing machine. Something like that can happen to anyone.

So talking about that is on the agenda for this evening.


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