Friday, May 6, 2011

Freedom day

Freedom is real freedom as long as you respect the freedom of others.
That's not limiting your actions, but that's creating peace in an active way.
And freedom and peace belong to each other.
In many ways.

When you don't respect the freedom of others and when you have some sort of conscience, you won't have peace of mind anymore. And ofcourse you have created negative energy between you and the other person, which might lead to unexpected and unwanted actions.

This goes on the personal level, and on the international too.

Many people are not aware that bath mouthing about people of another race, religion, lifestyle or whatever has consequences. Children who hear it are indoctrinated by the views of tha parents and they will act against freedom and peace when they deal with the people the parents talked about.

Freedom and celebrating freedom is a central issue in our family.
As a large family we often encounter the opinions of others and it's seldom positive.
People have asked me hundreds or maybe thousands times how I can mange, making it sound like it's an impossible task.
People have told me it's irrespionsible in these days to get so many children. Well, I received them, and are those people lucky that there are still young people around to become nurses for the elderly and keep society running when they are too old.
People are jealous, because we can cope, no matter what.

Freedom day is a special day in my country, celebrating freedom of war.
Like last year an enormous amount of people celebrated this day.
But I wonder how many realised that it's not about one day and not really about not being under occupation?

It's about an everyday attitude and it's sad to say, many people create their own mini wars almost every day.


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