Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The flu

The flu has entered the house.

I thought we'd escaped it this year. But we didn't.
Like other years it slipped inside and took hold of the fortress.
Regardless of piles of fruit and vegetables we consume, healthy sleeping habits and exercising, one by one the family members are starting to sniff, complain of all sorts of things and then land in bed.

As a zombie I try to care for what needs to be cared for. With dizzy spells and runs to the bathroom. Well, you know that sort of stuff.

I used to see the flu or whatever it is, as an unhealthy affair with life. A simple try to undermine us.
But I've changed my opinion. Forming new antibodies and goinf through a rough spot makes us value health a lot more and maybe a bit of flu is a sign of a healthy respons to changes of the season and in the season itself.

Well, it lasts just a few days, so why blog long about it?


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