Thursday, May 26, 2011

Education for the best

A new government and new changes. We all know that.

The former secretary of state for education is now the minister.

I mailed her when she was still the secretary of state about the lack of places for autistic kids in our area. I never got an answer. I moved up to the minister, got an answer and not long after that more places for autistic kids were created at the schools here.

I also mailed the secretary about some other issues, but one way or another she was not able to formulate an appropriate answer and all I got was some leaflets of an organisation, Which gave me the idea she was putting that organisation on top of others who do the same and do it at least equally well.
I never expected her to become minister as her own personal views were more important than the needs laid before her.

She's minister now.

Around here others take away facilities for those with special needs to save money.
Even the special workplaces are almost all closed down, so people with special needs have to compete on the jobmarket to find a job.
I expected that maybe rules would become that people with special needs get more opportunities in education to get special diplomas. Maybe for limited areas. So they can show they can, for instance, wrap parcels well, solder parts on a printboard, or something like that.

No way!

This woman wants to open more opportunities for those with high intelligence.
She clearly is not aware what schools already do for those children: special classes, extra subjecs, more subjects for the final exam, skipping classes, and there are even special schools for them.

I fear that adolescents and others with special needs will have a terrible time with this government.


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