Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Disturbance on remembrance day

Right now the whole house is shaking and a lot of noise is in the air.
A loud thumping noise is disturbing the sleep of the children in the street.

No, it's not war!
And apart from the fact that it's remembrance day today it has nothing to do with it.

But it's very disturbing.

"IT", is a cleaning machine of the local council.
It's rubbing the surface of the street with large turning brushes under a loud car to clean the street.
Maybe they're desinfecting it (LOL), because we don't have junk or lose papers on the street.
I'm OK when they come once a year, in autumn, to remove the fallen leaves from the inlets of the sewage system, but that's enough.
In fact we can brush away those few leaves ourselves too.

In a time of recession that's a good way to save money.
There are other places that these guys can be employed very well, so they won't lose their income.

Now WW2 is moving in the past more and more, people seem to think there's no need anymore to respect this day.

Well, I think this day should be respected.


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