Friday, May 20, 2011

Cleansing your inner me,

Yesterday I was watching TV and it showed research about food and health.
Do you know that eating tomate each day firms your skin in such a way that a sensitive skin is far less sensitive after three months?

They showed a few people who were put in two groups at random. One used tomatoes and the other not.
The tomatoe-group showed remarkable improvement of their skin sensitivity. They didn't get sunburn as easily, for example.

They also showed people visiting a health clinic and taking terrible cleanising things or eating the normal way.
There was no difference between the working of their body. The explanation was that the body itself is made to deal with day to day toxins.

Well, in case you want to use natural colon cleanse it's wise to read the reviews and maybe even talk to your familyphysician.

Some people report feeling light and better after it.

Have you tried it?


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