Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Cigars online

The anti-smoking policy in many countries has not really diminished the number of smokers.
Here in town a few people lost their jobs, because the cigarette smokers now buy their packages at the supermarket, but sigarsmokers can't buy their cigars there.

Dedicated cigarsmokers now buy gurkha cigars online.

I'm not sure if they cigars improve on their way from factory to consumer.
The conditions in which the cigars are kept are not watched at all, whereas in the past the cigars were shipped and transported under controled conditions so the shops would present first class cigars without any problem.

Strangely enough the prize hasn't been brought down, what might be expected when expensive climate control is no longer used.

But maybe I'm a bit too critical and do smokers taste no difference, because the best still are the best.


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