Friday, May 20, 2011

Changes at school, wow!

Because the teachers didn't communicate the homework they requested, the kids sometimes worked so late that I had to tell them to stop.
I don't allow them to miss sleep because of homework, as simple as that.

I'm happy they've become quite disciplined with schoolwork. Sometimes I hear mothers complain a lot.

I observed the tendency to let it all slip when they were well underway in puberty, but I took them apart, one by one and told them that I managed to get all the diploma's I wanted and I was proud that I did it myself.

Again I explained why homework is given and told them that the more they spend on schoolwork (in an efficient way) the more choiced they are able to make later. Investment now is for the future.
I also told them that nagging about it is part of my job as a mom, so I'm quite willing to create a row each day. But that I didn't want to create a bad feel in the house, so that I gave them the choice: just do your homework or have me bothering you about it.
They made the best choice possible. Great!

I've kept track of their homework anyway and when it was getting out of hand I signalled the school.
As expected they said it would be an item in the teacher's meeting, and nothing changed at all.

As one of the kids has easy access to the national pupils organisation I asked him to signal the problem there too.

So for a while everything went rather well,
until last week.
The national exams started sthis week and maybe the school feels not observed anymore, who knows.
Homework is piling up, when it's still a problem next week I'll inform the school again that coordination of homework is a must, otherwise subjects will suffer and that probably will be maths for most kids.


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