Friday, May 20, 2011

A call about business cards

Elaine called me just before we were ready to leave to fetch the paperwork for this afternoon's meeting.

She often has sensible, but difficult questions so I was not too happy to answer the phone.

This morning she realised she was running out of business cards. Even more: she wanted a whole new house style for her firm.
On top of it she said: "...and I don't want to spend all my money on it."

I asked her a few questions. The size of the card, how many, if she wanted the rest of her printing with the same style, what colours the curtains of her office have.
She was puzzled I asked the last question, but it was because the cards can be printed in 4 colours at printdirectforless business card printing, and it would be a waste not to use the colours she already uses in the building.

We decided I was mail her a design when I'm back from my meeting and she can order online at any time she wants.
I'm also OK with her using the design service of this printing service. They're good and they can advice her about what more she needs to present her office to relations.


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