Saturday, May 21, 2011

Buddha day or final day?

Tomorrow it's Buddha day. Many buddhists celebrate the birth of Buddha, and a part of them also the enlightment and death.

We're invited to celebrate it with the buddhist community in Amsterdam, which we regard as a great honor. Ther openness towards other buddhists than the chinese alone has surprised us, because in China Tibetan buddhism is not very much accepted.
But here there's close contact between the different groups of buddhists. Maybe because we're not with many.

It's strange to realise that someone has announced the end of the world for tomorrow.
Only 2% of humanity will survive, he days.

Kind of strange, as I think that a god who created man and in whose name forgiveness and kindness is preached, would throw away his own creation almost completely.

If the end really would be tomorrow I don't fear it.
I've tried all my life to live as good as I can, with care and compassion.
I've made mistakes, but I didn't make them with bad intentions and I learned from them.

I wonder if the computers will take over when we're almost all gone.


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