Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Brother printers

Visiting the university here is always a pleasure.
It's nice to see old friends and collegues for a cup of coffee and exchange some news and discuss the latest developments in the fields.
It's always a good opportunity to vent ideas and sometimes I come across research based on it.

My life provided me with another carreer, but my heart still lies there.

The years I've studied were a real pleasure. Not only because i had a busy social life, but also because I loved to study.
No wonder I got a good job there. But as the youngest staff member I lost my job due to the recession of those days.

One of the people of the "paper department" as we used to call it, asked me to come with him because he had to show me something I would like.

I made a small museum of typewriters and printers and found the old typewriter I would love to have here at home. He also had a nice line of brother printers, from the old mechanic one to the latest version... at his own desk.

It was also fun that someone of the older professors walked in and looked at me and said: "I know you".

It made me feel like I want to work there again. If only they would ask...


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