Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Blogging for autism

The past month I've been blogging for autism.

I didn't create as much posts on the subject as other years, because my days were already filled enough with the subject.

The days of giving general information are over, unless we're dealing with people who have just heard the diagnosis.

Many people have questions about the trustworthiness of autism research or socalled research, autism medication and living environments for autistic people.

Ofcourse autism research can be commented on, most of the time rather easily, as research is bound bij design and conditions, rules and regulations.
There's a lot on internet that's stated to be research outcome that in reality is not backed up by scientific research, and a lot that is based on something that can't be called research at all.

On top of that I've come across a lot of mistakes in using statistics and in interpreting statistics.

I'm kind of tired explaining that some of the self called experts are no experts at all, only in their own eyes and in those of people who belief.

The recent years I've been rather busy with living conditions for autistic young people.
What they need, and how to arrange it.

And there are people who are involved in strange cases, even to and after court, based on mistakes of social workers who don't understand the dynamics of autism and autism families and report metldownsd as reactions of being abused or of bad parenting.

So how we put it, one way or another there is still too much to do to say our organisation isn't needed anymore.

I raised 50 dollars. Not much, but in this time of recessions donations are gone and work for blogs is limited.
It will either be used for some decorations for a house for autistic people or to make a pile of standard letters to inform grandparents about what autism is and how they can deal with it.
Maybe some donations will follow after this post and both good causes can be served.


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