Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The best stroller

Today I was asked to hop over to a friend and advice her on the purchase of a baby stroller.

She's 8 months pregnant and apart from advice from a mom with lots of experience with strollers she needed some comfort, some vitamins for her chaotic thoughts.

Isn't it strange that I am so very calm in those situations?
I've been there, I went through it all, and lots of memories are waiting to bounce between the walls of my brains, but as soon as someone else needs me I'm focussed, calm and caring. I completely forget myself... well, the part that's not needed.

She was nervous about labor, especially after one of her friends got a baby and got a hospital birth instead of a homebirth.
I was able to ease her mind. And she got calm too.

About the stroller I could be clear.
I've spend quite some time with back ache during the days that baby strollers couldn't get from street to pavement and from pavement to street without using all muscles in my body. The very same strollers didn't like turns and were only easy to handle on a flat surface going straightforward all the way to the horizon.

So easy handling is a must, as is light and compact folding, all terrain tires, a good space to put the groceries in without crushing the baby or torpedoing it on the pavement, adjustable height, a good cap that stays at it's place even when it's storming, and easy reversal.

With that list we went on internet and she bought a uppababy vista. With all the extra's like free shipping and other convenient extras you can see on the site, it's the perfect choice for her.

Some grandparents buy strollers for their grandchildren without asking what the mother wants.
In my friend's case the bill could be send to the grandparents and they will come and have a look when the stroller has arrived. So she was able to take the colour she wants and added extra's.

Step by step the new baby takes a place in their home, even while the baby isn't born yet.

Just a few weeks to go....


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