Sunday, May 15, 2011

Ballet dresses

In the past I danced with the teacher one of the girls has now.
She's a good teacher, but she has some peculiarities and one of them is that she keeps changing the performance dance until the last moments and she can't decide on the performance outfit.

Our daughter was told she had to look in the shops for something colourful, which would be good to use on the podium.
So the girls went to town yesterday and had a look at all the shops after prescreening on internet.

They came home disappointed.
Fashion dictates small flowers and they're just not wanted on stage.

When I heard about it all, I was rather annoyed as the balletschool has a huge wardrobe and all it takes is ask the key and open the door and take what's wanted.

But the girls won't be empty handed.
A few houses from here a girls lives who works at one of the fashion shops for young people, and I'm sure she's able to advice well. She knows what's in stock and maybe that's just the knowledge we need.


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