Saturday, May 14, 2011

Bad TV

Since they tried to make the cable TV from normal to HD we had problem receiving some channels and it has kept a problem ever since.

I think one of the boys needs to have a look at the bandwith and things.
But after reading on internetforums I'm afraid we're having a TV which is too old.
We bought it two years ago, so we should be able to use it.

I think we've stumbled upon one of the main problems of our era.
Technical advances are so fast that the equipment can't keep up and people are not willing anymore to follow each step of the improvements.
Do we need to throw away our TV just because the cable company has changed the rules?

It irritates me we have to throw away equipment which should still work and we have bought to work now. And it irritates me that we're forced to make costs to buy new stuff we don't want to have now.
We can't afford it at the moment and we had no trouble until the cable company, without any warning, changed everything.


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