Friday, May 20, 2011

Back acne

With puberty in the house with so many kids we've had the complete package enter and in most cases leave again.
That makes me a person who is sought for advice about all sorts of puberty issues by friends and even people I don't know. "Just ask her", they're told.

One of the issues that was a subject last week was back acne.

Some people think that acne only is a problem of the face, and forget acne can be very bad at other places too, especially the back.
It can be vert troublesome, because it can be very itchy and the clothes can rub over the worst spots and cause bleeding.

In most cases people can't handle it themselves.
For good back acne treatment a family member or friend needs to step in to treat the area with the proper lotion or cream.

Often people forget to find out what causes acne to get worse. Chocolate is wellknown for it.
Adjusting the daily diet and adding more vegetables and fruit helps a lot.

Most acne disappears in time, but some people will keep their susceptibility for it for a long time.


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