Monday, May 9, 2011

Anniversary gifts

The time of a golden watch and a huge financial bonus at an anniversary is well behind us.
In a way that's good.
One can't give one person an enormous amount of money and tell others they've lost their jobs due to the recession.
But leaving the expensive tradition in the past opens the door to more creative solutions and more personalized anniversary gifts for men.

I like that.
All people need acknowledgement of their individuality and a standard gift doesn't belong to that.

Interesting is that personalized gifts are sometimes valued for generations.
I still have a booklet which was given to my grandfather to honor his composing skills. If there wouldn't have been a personalized dedication in it we would never have kept the book.
Now it's an inspiration to my children and probably even to their children.

I'm glad that it's not the monitary value that counts but the histroy of the person mentioned.


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