Friday, May 20, 2011

Animals for research

Yesterday there were protests at the university by action groups against the use of animals in scientific research.

Security was on alert and even the police was available on the terrain.

Not much happened.

I didn't expect a lot of problems as this involved only a small group of protesters and the birthdaycelebration of the university is not an event that draws a lot of attention. The main events are inside and only people with a clear opinion about matters attend.

The opening of the study year however does.

That day a lot of new students can be influenced and even indoctrinated and a protest like that of yesterday would attract agressive protesters from all over the country.

I was amazed that the prostesters still use the same slogans as in the seventies.
They're clearly not aware that a lot has been changed and far less animals are used.
We can't do without though, even if it's pityfull animals need to be used.
But it's either people dying or animal tests.
So sad to say that.


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