Friday, May 20, 2011

Address plaques

I love address plaques, and it's a pity they're not used in our neighbourhood.
I'm sure I'll have one when we have moved to our little coattage in who-knows-where land.

The one I love most is a double sided hanging arch with the name of the family and the streetname.

To me a hanging sign is pure luxury and it adds to the feel of a house.
It's kind of romantic, I know, but after seeing square, grey buildings yesterday, buildings without any personality, I'm ready for some romantic scenery.

A friend of mine moved to a farm two years ago and she said she would have a party when the sign was in the garden.
She loved an oval one, with the number of the house only.
We all put money together and ordered one. In green with golden figures as she wished.
Just before the party we all put it in the ground with some sort of ceremony, and panted flowers around it. Her favorite ones.

It really gave the feel that everything was finished, that the house had it's personal touch.

Funny enough her house is now called: "the house with the sign".


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