Friday, April 29, 2011

An ugly find in a canal

Sometimes people disappear and not always a thorough investigation follows.

Now, 5 years after a man disappeared a sailor registered that his boat touched something under water. He didn't know what, but he thought it was odd at that place, so he informed the police.

In this case they took the report serious and had a look.
They found a car with a body.

The find led to the belief that the corpse would be of someone who went missing 5 years ago.
None took the missing serious because of rumours the man might have gone to a foreign country.

Instead he lost control of the wheel and landed in the canal.
If it was on purpose or an accident, we'll propbably never know.

It's the so-maniest example of the police not taking a case of a missing person not serious enough to have a good look.
A while ago a girl went missing and instead of having a look at the neighbour's house they looked elswhere. The neighbour rang the doorbell when the girl was on the phone with the mother. Turned out he killed her. A death which might have been prevented.


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