Sunday, April 24, 2011

Tropical temperatures and cuts on medical benefits

We're experiencing a heatwave. The temperatures are tropical.
One of the extremes was 27.8 degrees celcius. Can you believe it?
It's april!!!

We went across the border to get groceries for Easter.
Now we've got a car we can do that.

We've bought regular groceries that are not as expensive in Germany as they are here, and some extra's like some easterbread and an applepie. We also found cheap frozen mushrooms and pizzas.

Soon we won't be able to do something nice anymore.

There will be huge cuts on the benefits for young people who are not able to work properly.
As our autistic son is still living at home he will loose the small bit of income he has.

I think it's time we move to a more agricultural environment, so we can grow our own vegatables and fruit.

It will be impossible to live on one income with three grown ups and two kids.
My son might be autistic, but he has grown up needs, and costs more than a normal kid his age.

A few years ago we thought these years life would become a bit easier, but instead it will become more difficult.
I can do without anything special if needed, but I want the girls to have what they need to get a good future.


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