Friday, April 15, 2011

To Germany

Today the two oldest boys invited me for a trip to Germany.
We live near the border, so it's not far to go.
And now we've got a car, and one of the boys is able to drive, an invitation like this is a realistic one.

Their main intention was to get groceries which we can't buy here, groceries which are cheaper in germany and show off how well they can find their way in what's called a foreign country.

I really enjoyed our time there.

They were able to get their stuff and they even took the patience to go shopping with me in the city centre there.
I saw some very nice things, but as we have to be careful with our money they stayed there.

Ofcourse I was surprised by a meal.
I had to smile when they took me to a German macdonalds.
With a kind of big mac I had lunch. LOL!

Well, who cares.
It was fun and on our way home we even got sun.
Half an hour before the girls came from school I was at home.
Couldn't have been better timed.

It was nice. But should have lasted about 3 months!


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