Wednesday, April 6, 2011

They're into cars

With boys around the house which are interested in cars - yes, they are at that age - a whole new world opens when they reach the legal age to drive.
One got the drivers license at the first exam, which is a huge accomplishment here.

The father of one of his friends works at a garage and the past days my son has been there to take photographs from people and equipment.
And now it's my turn. Not to be photographed, but to listen to his experiences.

The consequence is that I have to learn a lot of new words, brands and new understatements. He is patient with me and takes the time to explain. He should as I'm not the leats interested in cars.
But now I know the meaning of aem cold air intake, why the right front tyre might get a leak before the others tires will, what manifold exhausts are and a lot more.

It's nice to see the boys share their interests and I don't even mind expanding my knowledge to an area I don't even care for, but the best is that the group of friends that developed gradually from the moment they could walk is getting closer and closer. Cars, nor girlfriends break them up. In fact it all brings them closer together.


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