Friday, April 1, 2011

They tried to rob that shop again!

Last year some people robbed one of the grocerystores two times.
It's a small shop. The people who run it work very hard and many hours to keep it going.
But maybe because it's small it's a target for people who just don't care about the lifelyhood and the feelings of others.

Because one of the larger shops at the same shopping corner was targetted too, the group of shopowners bought surveillance cameras.


Last night three men tried to push through the front wall with a car.
The stupid guys used a small car, otherwise they couldn't get near the shop.

They drove the backside against the front of the shop, but couldn't get through the security fence.

Then they left.

The car was found today near the shop.

The shop itself was damaged.
Not only the front side of the shop was unstable. Even the ceiling threatened to come down.
Luckily a builder came immediately and supported the whole lot.

I feel so sorry for those poor people.
They must feel very insecure now and freightened.

The police has an easy job.

All was on suerveillance camera.


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