Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A summer day in spring

Today it was 24,7 degrees celcius here.
So the laundry got dry in one day.

The neighbours cut the trees at their side, so we have a lot more light in the garden. Maybe I should put the shadowplants elswehere.

the past years my garden was a shadowgarden and I loved it.
I'm not a person who bakes in a chair when there's sun.
Not at all.

I enjoy the birds and the amazing progress of spring.
Within three days my garden went from almost bare to full spring look.
There's blossom all around and it looks so delicate and awesome that I found myself holding my breath while looking up.
I'm a bit worried that the trees grow so tall, but friends assured me that there's no need to worry about lightning, because there are taller trees around.

Right now it's raining again and the temperature will drop tomorrow to about 11 degrees.
I would have loved to have another day of spring in that fashion.


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