Sunday, April 3, 2011

Spain in spring

My daughter in Spain is doing well.
As expected she has some homesickness.
She's been away from home quite some times, with friends near home, but also with afriends further from home.
We've accepted it as being part of her and of the experience of being away.
The fact that some teachers sleep at her hosting family doesn't help the feelings.
Seeing so many familiar faces makes one look for those family faces too.

She's having a good time though, both with the spanish people and with her friends.
They've got a busy program and are seeing a lot.
They've learned to speak some spanish, which is always a good thing, and they've grown accustomed to the different mealtimes.

We can expect some souvernirs, she told us. So it's good she didn't take too much stuff with her. Now she can take more back.

Half a week to go and she'll be here again.


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