Thursday, April 14, 2011

Something planned?

Some days are planned rather full and when the day arrives the day is completely different.

This morning I got a call from someone who wanted to talk with me.
Last week I tried to get an appointment with the social worker of one of my sons and she said she couldn't fit us in this week, and now I was happy, as I could visit the caller straightaway.

We had a good talk.

When I came home I expected that some groceries had been fetched, but instead nothing had happened because our son had forgotten to bring the car to us.
After a call, which should have been made two hours ago, the car and son arrived and we went to do the things that needed to be done.

First we headed towards the oldest.
Last time his living space was a terrible mess, now it was so clean I would have eaten a pizza from the floor. LOL!

The day went on that way and now I'm sitting here very tired and with the knowledge that one of my sons will fetch me tomorrow morning to pay short visit to a city acroos the border in germany.
It was not on the agenda, but I'll gladly add it.


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