Friday, April 22, 2011

Soft pointe shoes

One of my daughters is going en pointe at ballet, so she needed soft pointe shoes.

With a small wallet (I'm still looking for that enormous hole in it, because it always seems to be empty), so, with little money available I turned to that large auctionsite and found affordable new soft pointe shoes. Pink, satin.

They arrived today.

Oh, not "they"... two shoes arrived today, with ribbons.

Canvas shoes and canvas ribbons.

Well, they were pink.

And the fit was perfect.

But they were not the satin, lovely ones my daughter expected.
She didn't say much. She's not the complaining type.
In fact she's happy they feel good at her feet.

But I wished for something beautiful to start pointe work with.

As a former balletdancer I see in those shoes the ones I've worn so much during all those hours of training.
They're all gone. Used to the last bit and thrown away.

My first ones are safely laid into a box, and the box has moved with each tidying up, a bit further away from direct grasp in the attic.
They're satin, with long, shiny satin ribbons.....

Wish a fae would come tonight and wave her magic dust over those canvas shoes...


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