Wednesday, April 6, 2011


I'm kind of amazed that SIDS, sudden infant death syndrome, is a topic that has almost completely disappeared from the media.
It worries me, because it means that new parents might not be aware of the risks and the ways to prevent it.
There's enough about that on internet, so when you're interested you can easily find more information.

I realised this when I was reading a bout a new patient monitor.
Parents of children who died of SIDS are often confronted by having to use a vital signs monitor for their next child.
It doesn't prevent SIDS, but it does signal lack of breathing and a lowered or absent heart rate. Immediate reaction might return these functions to normal.

Brothers and sisters of babies that died from SIDS show a larger amount of these episodes that normal children.
It's still not known precisely why.

But it's good that parebnts are allowed a bit more rest, as these devices set off an alarm when things are not alright. So there's no need for parents to sit beside the baby when it's asleep.


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