Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Scientific error

I['m glad I've moved away from a certain location where my kids used to come.
I don't know if it's lack of education or common sense, but the people there seem to be unable to make a difference between co-existing signals and cause and effect.

Take for instance the research of schizofrenia.
A socalled scientist found that a certain gene was found in schizofrenic patients and not in normal patients/people.

So he told the world he found the cause.


Take for instance that he found that none of the schizofrenic patients possessed a busticket.

So he might give them all a busticket so they would resemble the normal people.

But it wouldn't take away their schizofrenia.

At times scientists are so eager to find results... or to become famous... that they forget that interpreting reserach findings is a very delicate matter.

I went with the gene information to a biologist who gave me a big smile.
All we know, he said, is that this gene plays a part in the development of neurons.
We know nothing more than that.

We've already accepted that many psychiatric diseases are caused by some developmental error. So nothing new is said here.


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