Monday, April 4, 2011

Schooltrips, and 2 kids lost in Paris

When we had a talk with school about responsibility it was like I used a dirty word.
I do think however that taking young people to a foreign country is a heavy responsibility and a school should take it serious.

As should the children.

People take so many things for granted nowadays that I think it's time parents and schools should be more conscious of their actions and their consequences.

To my utter amazement the school of the girls states the teachers were only responsible for the children during school hours.
The parents there would be responsible the rest of the time.

I wonder of these parents knew what they were in for.

It took quite some talking before the repsresentative of the school acknowledged the school is responsible for the pupils all the time during their trip abroad.

It was a statement.
Nothing more than that, because I don't think this school takes responsibility towards their pupils as something serious.
They don't care much for the feelings of the young people in their care. And they certainly have put the name of the school a lot higher on their agenda than the good name of my daughter, as we have learned in a bad way.
I wonder if they've thought about the trustworthyness of the parents our kids stay with.

"All went well the previous years", is not a guarantee.

Take for instance the short trips to cities in Europe. 1 or 2, or 3 to Paris or London for instance.
The school of the boys checked all the addresses a few weeks before the trip. One of the teachers paid a visit to all of them, discussed the special features of the pupils, of any, and during the trip he and his fellow teachers visited every evening at least three of the adresses, covering all pupils every day.
When I complimented him for doing this, I was in a position to be able to do so, he said he wanted to take his responsibilities serious. And he was not on a vacationtrip there.
The result of it all was that the kids behaved well, were able to discuss any problems and they were taken serious, whether it was homesickness, a decision to buy something expensive or medical issues.
Needless to say the teachers kept track of where the kids were, regardless of age.

It's also needless to say that not all kids on the schooltrips of the school of the girls are kept under close surveillance in a foreign country all the time.

Well, quite another school from the south of the country took their pupils to Paris.

Two girls never returned back to the waiting bus.

They're lost since friday afternoon.



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