Friday, April 1, 2011

School and office supplies

This morning a friend came to drink coffee and we had a good time together.

In the past we used to shop together and buy hotelpackages of soup, flour, detergent, etc etc.
At home we used to split the lot up and it worked very well. And it saved a lot of money.

But because zshe had such a different schedule from mine the trips together stopped and so did our shopping.

Today however she asked if it would be wise to start it again.
Now her children go to secondary school too she needs schoolsupplies and the costs are a bit too much.
She asked me if I knew a place to shop together for discount office supplies.
Oh yes... I do.

One of my friends owns a paper and once a year we have a special day out updating our knowledge about what's available that might improve the lives of his employees.
So we test chairs and tables, look for closets, magazinestands, coffeemakers and ofcourse office supplies.
I knew he was about to order this weekend, so it won't be a problem to add my friend's requests. In fact, I am making a list myself.

It's important that friend's help each other during these expensive times.
We do!


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