Saturday, April 30, 2011

A Royal Wedding in the UK

We're used to royal weddings here in The Netherlands.
We've got a load of princess who found the loves of their lives and the parade of lovely weddingdresses and weddings was a delight.

So we were curious how the UK would celebrate the wedding of William and Kate.

The British Royal House is known for it's abundance of protocol and we weren't disappointed.
But there were also many personal elements, like the allergy of Kate for horses leading to her going to the wedding by car.

The wedding was awesome.
The grandeur of Westminster Abbey was softened by the trees, something I imagined myself when I was there myself so many many years ago.

And the bride walking there with her father on the red carpet, dressed in the most wonderful weddingdress I've ever seen was breathtaking.

Quite some people forgot it was a family wedding and commented on the fact that the Obama's were not invited.
Ofcourse not!
People asked how it could be that other royal houses were present. Well, that's because they're interconnected by their ancestry.

Another complaint was that we saw no tears and no abundant emotions.
Well, it must have been my scottish genes that made me see the happiness and the other signs of emotions that were present all the time.

So I sat there, smiling from ear to ear, enjoying the wonderful sight of this lovely couple, thinking that maybe, maybe they'll be our king and queen, of we're ever able to live on our ancestral grounds.


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