Monday, April 11, 2011

Routine again

We're used again to the girls being at home.
It's not the same as before they went on exchange, because at times stories pop up that need to be told. And we all want to hear them.
And there are sweet things to be tasted.
I love the fluffy pistache squares which are a turkish specialty. Others rather have the spanish sweetgel.

Right now we still have one package of limonade which will be opened one of these days after dinner so we can all have a sip and taste it.

Other things are quite normal. Like homework.
Just two months and then it's summervacation again.

In between a lot needs to be done and it's more than other schools have to do, because of the lost days of the exchange.
Teachers here don't work with summaries and such, but they just hastily present the stuff, hardly explaining what needs to be explained. It makes them feel irritated.
At home I feel a teacher, answering so many questions.

The next weeks the girls are very busy preparing performances.
One at school about the exchange, and one of ballet.

This is probably the bussiest time of the year... or did I say that in september too. LOL!


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