Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Restringing my mala

Today I had to restring one of my malas.
A mala is a nice string of prayerbeads.

Because I also wear it as a necklace most of the time and when talking or watching TV I'm pushing the buddha bead up and down the cotton thread started to break.
When I was tidying my DIY stuff I found a piece of string that was very firm and would be the best option.
Ofcourse I could have opted for the old fashion 7 threads to string it, but they would break soon again, so I opted for a mala that would last.

After stringing the beads I had to get the trhread through the buddha bead. That's a larger bead with three holes. From each side of the mala a thread goed in a seperate hole and they both come out through the same hole.
It took me a while and a trick to get the thread through.
Then I put the last closing bead on and knotted a tassel, when I had it fixed a bead roled aside.


I don't know how it could escape.
In total I found three escaped beads, so I had to start the most difficult part all over.

Well, it's finally done, with some interesting knotting above the tassel.


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