Friday, April 15, 2011

Quiet friday

This morning I woke up far too early.
It's allergy season and the combination of pollen with someone using some bathinggel with an awful smell is just too much to stay asleep.
There's only one who is showering that early, and it's the only one who doesn't understand allergy well enough to take it into account when he buys his bathingstuff.

It's a pity I have to use my inhaler again, but it tackles the symptoms.

Downstairs the day begins even before the kids leave their beds.

It gives me the feeling it's almost summer, but opening the door to the garden is out of the question. It's freezing, literally.

When the morning turmoil is over I do the dishes, hang the laundry outside, clean the bathroom and do some other chores. I stop when my hands are dry beyond repair.
Time for coffee.

After that I plant a new plant, but when I have the roses in my hand I'm in doubt if they'll survive the cold nights.
The way they're wrapped though doesn't allow me a glance at the rose, so after some doubt I unwrap them.
One shows signs of life, the other not.
So the last one will be planted in the front garden, where it's a bit warmer during the nights and even the days. When it doesn't survive it's a pity. The other one will go to the back garden, maybe on sunday.

The beginning fo this friday is exceptional calm.

As always there's just too much to do for one day. But I want to keep in this mood a bit longer.
Maybe it's just because I finally found something yesterday evening that might tell me a bit more about my father in WW2.
We'll see.


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