Thursday, April 28, 2011

Presentation evening

Today we had to spend the evening at school to listen to the stories the kids had to tell about the exchange.

They were supposed to work in groups and they had to follow a couple of guidelines.

For some strange reason my daughter was told by the teacher to work alone, and she didn't understand why.
We discussed the matter at home and I told her it was either because of her dyslexia oe because of some other reason which would become apparent in time. He sure isn't the person to isolate a child, so he sure would have had his own idea about this.

The group consists of two groups from different classes of the year before. One was very loud, the other far more modest. (Normal that means.)
It was clear who were disturbing the evening. They were talking and making lots of noise even in the presence of teachers and parents. I was amazed that the teacher asked them to keep silent and they didn't and that none of their parents stepped in.

Thei presentations where clearly not cared for. Some photos and "then we went there, and then we went there...".

Precisely in the middle my daughter had to make her appearance.
Within a minute everyone was silent and listening with attention.
In the weekend all kids had done something different and my daughter had been to famous waterfalls and had been shopping and eating at restaurants.
The way she told about it all was interesting.

When I saw the teacher write down his comments I saw him nodding with content.
Maybe he had planned her presentation in the middle of everything, knowing she would do well and spend lots of time preparing something interesting.

When the evening was over we were glad to go home.

And the result?
My daughter got the most points for her presentation, 9.5 out of 10!!

She would have never got that high if she had to work with those kids.


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